It’s been a while, almost a year to be exact


I haven’t posted a blog in a really long time. Honestly, last year was crazy – here’s a summary:

  • Jan 2016 moved out of our beloved Chiswick and into Dave’s parents in Weybridge.
  • I finally got the courage to leave a job where I was just miserable, and started a new job which gave me a better work-life balance.
  • I became an Auntie to my lovely niece Izzy.
  • We both got IEC working holiday visas to Canada.
  • We brought a house!
  • We went on holiday to Vietnam.
  • We planned a wedding.
  • We kind of kept up being healthy.
  • My Endometriosis is basically OK, minus 2 flare-ups.
  • We quit our jobs.
  • We rented out our flat.
  • We moved to Canada.
A little more about Canada. We both have working holiday IEC visas, which means we can work and travel in Canada for up to two years. We arrived in Canada on the 24th January 2017, spent a week in Toronto and we are now trying out our first workaway experience in a vegan and vegetarian cafe called the Healthy Rabbit.
More on all of the above later, we’ve got time πŸ™‚
A bit of a crazy year, but the next two years will be amazing! We started blogging about travelling in Instagram. I’m someone who loves photos and remembering memories by photos, essentially Instagram is our diary.

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