Learning to use a Panasonic Lumix Camera

Image result for panasonic lumix DMC tz70Image result for panasonic lumix DMC tz70

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70

I am 100% the amateur photographer, just checkout my instagram’s (@elthomas7, @thetravellingpickups) and you will realise this very quickly! However, you can see that I love taking photos, its my way of remembering and reminiscing about various times in my life – I love just looking through my camera roll on a regular basis!
The other day I read this tips page by Panasonic about taking some awesome waterfall photos – note the tip is for a different make of panasonic. By chance the next day, whilst on a walk, I found a dam! I was pretty excited about the prospect of learning to take a cool water photo, however I did struggle to find the correct settings, so thought I’d write down the steps I took for future reference.
  1. Find a waterfall or dam.
  2. Turn camera on and turn the settings to “S” – this means Shutter Priority and essentially means you can set how quickly or slowly the shutter will close when taking a photo.
  3. For flowing water, you need a setting of about 1/4, which can be changed by carefully using your thumb anti-clockwise on the large circular button on the back right of the camera and keep turning until you reach 1/4.
  4. ISO settings – although stated in the instructions your unable to modify this setting on this particular camera.
Here is the image I took of the dam yesterday, for comparison I took a “normal” photo (second and fourth photo) as well:


As you can see, the water appears to be flowing from the dam, rather than the camera taking a photo of droplets. I wanted to stay a play with longer shutter times and adapt the exposure, however it was freezing cold and my fingers were going numb!
If anyone has any tips or tricks for stunning photography, let me know – I’m keen to learn throughout this trip.

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