When in Brantford do yoga, hot yoga

Yes, it’s true as a VERY inflexible person this could be an interesting few weeks.

We are currently in a small town in Canada called Brantford. We have 6(ish) weeks here, where we are volunteering at the Healthy Rabbit. a cute little vegan and vegetarian cafe; where we work in the cafe and around the site in exchange for food and board – not a bad deal, hey?

When we arrived, it was really evident that the town is quiet and without a car, it would be tough to get around. It turned out that one of the things to do here is Hot Yoga, specifically Moksha. There is a studio about a 10 minute walk away and with a deal price of $40 for a month of unlimited yoga, it certainly feels like a bargain and the perfect way to settle into the area.

I’ve been going to Yoga for about a week, with David, who is unfairly flexible. Half way through the week, I started to notice that during classes I was genuinely getting closer to floor/limb/ the desired pose… I then thought, if this is really happening, I want to have a record of this! Anyway, this is me on Sunday 12th Feb 2017 “touching my toes”…

…. as you can see… not very close… at all…
At the end of the month trial, I’ll take photos again to see if there are any improvement at all.
Anyway, a few notes on Hot Yoga!
  • It’s hot, very hot and extremely sweaty.
  • Focus a lot on your breathing; it helps to relax and get into poses.
  • In a week I have noticed:
    • In childs pose, my bum can touch my heels (previously about an inch off!)
Image result for childs pose moksha yoga
    • In hero pose, I can now get my elbows to the floor with a brick underneath me – I just could not do this before!
Reclined Hero Pose
  • I have noticed a lot less stiffness in my knees and hips, but still along way to go with “opening up” my hips.
  • The heat really allows you to stretch into positions, more so than in regular yoga.
  • It really chills you out.


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