Hiking: Webster Falls and Tew Falls

I’ve really started to enjoy using our Lumix Panasonic DMC-TZ70 the past few weeks. This weekend was our first opportunity to get out and about in the Brantford and Hamilton areas.

We went on our first hike from Christie Lake Conservation, where we found a short 5km loop to some falls… which turned out to be some beautiful falls! We spent a while at the lake, which was completely frozen over. It was such a bizarre sight as a Brit, I’ve never seen a lake that big, completely frozen! Just look how big the lake is… it looks so strange as one big ice cube!

After walking for about 45 minutes in icy and snowy trails we came across the first waterfall; Webster Falls. The view wasn’t fantastic from the view point unfortunately, however we managed to capture a really great photo; although a little bit of a fluke shot, I’m pleased with it. It would have been fantastic to find a trail which went to the bottom of the falls.

After the Webster Falls we walked back to Christie Lake before heading to Tew Falls (unfortunately the trail between Webster and Tew Falls was shut as it is still to dangerous to use). From Christie lake we drove about 10 minutes to Tew Falls… it was a beautiful fall. Almost twice the height of Webster falls and not far off Niagara Falls, I didn’t expect such a elegant waterfall in such beautiful surroundings. I was also able to play with the shutter feature on the camera and after a little editing, I managed to create this photo, and I am chuffed! Look at the wispy flow of water!
I am not a hiker, so the thought of planning a walk (and driving a car in Canada!) was pretty terrifying. The weather in Brantford was still hovering around zero or below, so the trail would definitely be icy but I didn’t expect as much snow. The trip was successful and I’m now even more keen to do more hiking,
I used the following websites to help plan the trip:

The Spencer adventure: http://conservationhamilton.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2016/03/Spencer-Adventure-Brochure-2017.pdf

Christie Lake Conservation: http://conservationhamilton.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2016/03/CLCA-Brochure-2016.pdf


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