After one month of hot yoga, the results are in!

A month ago I wrote a blog about staring hot yoga in Brantford. We have now moved on from Brantford and are now staying in Kitchener, so feels like a sensible time to see if there was any progress….

When staying in Brantford, I was in the fortunate position to go 3-4 times a week. Every session was tough, sweaty but I managed to find some inner calm and relax into it. I’m not sure how realistic it will be to continue doing yoga that frequently, but after seeing these results…. I may be persuaded!

Both photos were taken without a warm up, in the evening after a busy day.

Say what? My fingers are closer to my toes!


Improvement or what! In ONE month!

Let’s look at that again in more detail….

Even if you take into account for the slightly different camera angles, there is certainly a difference.


Face on photos make it much easier to see the difference – I can’t believe this!
This is honestly the closest I have ever been to touching my toes, in my life. I had hoped for a a slight improvement, but this is much more than I ever imagined! Hot yoga has helped my flexibility and stiffness in my body, which has felt amazing. The only downside was the acne breakout I experienced; however, I was too lazy to do much about it besides buy tea tree oil as I knew we’d be moving onto another town in a few weeks.
As for the other positions in yoga I mentioned in my previous blog.
Childs pose: A very slight improvement, I found that my forehead could comfortably reach the floor by the end of a session. Depending on the day, I could sometimes do this at the beginning.
Hero’s pose: very little improvement here – still using blocks but it is much more comfortable now!
Anyway, thanks Moksha Yoga, Brantford – I am impressed! We have downloaded an audio session to continue doing yoga, when we can, on out travels πŸ™‚

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