Honeymoon Pt 2: Fiji

Our time in Fiji was like living in paradise – clear blue sea, white sandy beaches, phenomenal sunsets. It was the more… “honeymoon-y” … part of our trip and we were there for 5 nights.

We booked our stay with trailfinders and stayed at a full-board, child-free resort on Mantamano Island. The island is only accessible by boat from the mainland port at Nadi, the journey takes around two hours one-way.

We stayed in a beachfront Bure which was a stunning little building containing, a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, lounge, plunge pool, day bed and located very close to the beach.

The resort had one restaurant and one bar; it was never full and the food was exquisite. Probably the best resort food I’ve ever eaten; we were entitled to breakfast, a two-course lunch and three-course dinner.

The resort had some organised activities. You could snorkel off the island and hire snorkels for free or pay to learn to scuba dive or go on a handful of trips. We chose to go on their Snorkel Safari which was incredible. We were taken by boat about 10-15 minutes away with around 8-10 others and snorkeled off three reefs with a guide. During these snorkels we saw; many schools of fish, including clown fish, sea turtles, magic coral, clams and there was even a sighting of a shark!

We left the island relaxed and several kg’s heavier!

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