Honeymoon Pt 3: Australia

Part three of our honeymoon was in Sydney Australia. Luckily, I have a friend who lives out there who was more than happy to give us so much information about the city and where to visit.

Back to backpacking, we stayed at the HI hostel in Sydney for a night, two nights at my friends and then our final night by the airport (in some amazing suite for the same price as the hostel!).

Day 1: We arrived in Sydney from paradise (Fiji) and quickly settled into our hostel. We went to the powerhouse museum which is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G for interactive exhibitions exploring science and engineering. Like kids in a candy shop, we spent hours messing around in the exhibition. My favourite exhibition had to be the sodium light exhibition; the room removed all colour except for yellow and black. Using a torch, you shone a light onto trinkets around the room to discover their real colours. After hours of fun at the museum, we took some time to walk around Sydney, enjoying the many sights.

Day 2: We explored Manly, it is a trendy beach town a short ferry ride away from Sydney. We went there for lunch and to wander around, it is easy to spend a few hours exploring the small town. We decided to go on an impromptu brewery tour at the Four Pines, costing around $20/$25 it is a great deal. You get a tour, a pint, and 5 large samples. Needless to say, we ended up talking and drinking with fellow participants for a while after! In the afternoon we met my friend and her partner for dinner before heading back to their flat.

Day 3: Hiking in the Blue Mountains! Our friends hike the Blue Mountains often, so it was great to explore past the tourist traps. We did see the Three Sisters, the mining exhibition at the bottom of the mountain and we went to a waterfall as well. The views from the mountain was stunning and even saw the blue haze from the eucalyptus trees in the valley below.

Day 4: After a lazy morning we made out way back to the city for a late brunch and we checked into our suite near the airport. To be honest we pretty much did nothing for several hours, just enjoying having some space to ourselves after several. months of travelling or living with parents! We went to the Sydney Opera house for a show “the Imperial China Bells” which was a really lovely performance using bells which were over 2,000 years old.- impressive!

Day 5: On our final day (we had a late flight out of Sydney) we went to Taronga Zoo, which is a small zoo but contains all the animals you’d want to see in an Australian zoo; koala’s and kangaroo’s. We also did the high-ropes course over the zoo; essentially an obstacle course amongst the trees, which at points was pretty flipping scary! A great experience though and worth the price.

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