It’s the small victories!

We’ve been in Canada just under a month (18 days to be exact) and it feels like home already. Time has flown and we’ve been exploring this city as often as our budget allows!

We’ve been applying for jobs consistently, every day; applications, networking, events and it’s been a tough thing to do. And yesterday we had our first small victory yesterday – I’ve been invited for an interview in a few weeks time!! It’s hard to not get carried away!!

Why such a big deal over an interview?! You may ask…

The job hunt has been filled with meeting others who have been trying for months and months to get some level of relevant employment. I met a Chemical Engineer from Europe with 15 years experience and cannot get a job in Vancouver. We were applying for jobs 2 or 3 weeks before we left the UK, so it’s not as though we have only been applying for 18 days and we have heard nothing – zero – zilch – from employers.

Those we have met in Vancouver have told us that it’s incredibly hard to get a job here, with many getting their role through networking rather than applying for a job – a lucky coffee break. The issue is, when you move to a new country and city… you don’t have a network and it will take a while to grow! It got to the point where sending off applications day after day felt pointless…

To date, I’ve applied for 10 jobs, been to 2 networking events, attended 1 careers fair, been to 2 drinks/coffees with contacts and 1 library workshop and finally have an interview. Dave has done a similar number of activities as well. Applying for jobs seems to take much longer, I’ve never spent so much time writing and re-writing a cover letter or re-writing my resume; finding ways to explain the time we’ve taken of to sound employable, explaining why we made the decision to leave the UK and trying to make my UK experience seem relevant to Canada. It’s not easy and I’m fully prepared to go into an entry level role, even with 5 years of work experience behind me, that’s just the way it seems to be here, as much as I’d love to be proven wrong!

I have to admit the day before I received this phone call, I applied for a Kennel Assistant job in Whitehorse, Yukon. It’s the dream location, if we’re going to get minimum wage jobs, I’d rather be serving Maccy D’s in a place like Whitehorse than Vancouver!

Next steps

At the beginning of October we’re planning a road trip up to Yukon since we’re having such little luck with jobs in Vancouver. The idea is to try and fit in a visit to the Rockies (get me to Lake Louise, now!), Calgary and a few places further north – perhaps Kelowna – aiming to arrive mid-October. The trip was already on the cards but the idea behind this trip is that if I don’t get the job, I’d rather be exploring new places on the road and aiming for our dream location – Whitehorse, Yukon.

My interview is on Vancouver island in Victoria. It’s a good 4 hours away (including a ferry) so we’re going to make a trip out of it! I’ve heard so many good things about Victoria so I’m excited to explore, hike and drive around the island for a few days – I’ve already booked into a cute Airbnb! As grateful as I am so be able to stay on my friends floor for the past few weeks, I cannot wait to sleep in a bed!!




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