Rockies Roadtrip: Shushwap to Jasper

Ah man, day two and we FINALLY made it into the Rockies! Again, today consisted of over 5 hours driving and over 500km covered.


It was a cold start to the day. Waking up in our hostel with no heating and sleeping next to a duvet stealer (ed: lies and slander!) was a slight shock to the system. We slowly got up, reluctant to leave the warmth, and had breakfast next to the roaring fire in the lounge, it was actually a nice way to start the day!

We headed off slightly later than planned and made tracks to Kamloops Value Village to get supplies; a kettle and two massive mugs for places where we don’t get breakfast or can’t use a kitchen. I also got a nice warm coat, given how cold it was down by the lake yesterday and well aware it’s going to get colder up in the mountains!


This section of the drive was a little more interesting; yes, it is a monotonous long road but you do see mountains, more greenery and some wonderful coloured lakes 🙂 We had planned on walking a trail, Yellowhead Lake Trail, but the light was starting to fade and we didn’t feel comfortable walking down the side of a mountain in the dark near an area with grizzly bears!

We have arrived in Jasper! It’s an interesting place, like a typical small Candian town but with Swiss-style buildings, we only went for a short walk around the area for a drink and some food.

It’s pretty cold up here already but you are surrounded by mountains! We are staying in The Athabasca Hotel in a double room with a shared bathroom cost around $150/night including taxes. The only hotel available which wasn’t extortionately priced by the time we booked. The rooms are nicely sized, with your own sink and most importantly, very warm. The room’s style is dated but it doesn’t look worn, all in all, a nice place to stay.

We had a quick pint at a brewery in the area to celebrate Dave getting an interview for a role in Calgary! Luckily we’re heading that way in a week or so and the timings work out perfectly for this interview! Dinner was pretty unhealthy…we went to A&W, basically burger king, but hey, it’s cheap… and we couldn’t find any cutlery at value village so porridge will be interesting tomorrow!

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