Rockies Roadtrip: Jasper

Day 3 of the Rockies and we finally got round to doing some hiking, woohoo!


We started the day with a cup of porridge in our room and pressing the snooze button a few too many times! After waking up slowly, we headed off to the Miette Hot Springs to do the Sulphur Skyline Trail, but not before driving past some wildlife.

The trail starts close to the Miette Hot Springs and is an 8km loop to an elevation of 700m, and took us 4hours to complete. The start of the trail was covered in snow and ice, so I quietly thanked my past self for investing in decent hiking boots and walking poles. This was going to be an interesting hike…

The trail was steep, icy, muddy, hot, sweaty and pretty. We reached what we thought was the top, a nice flat area of land with amazing views of the mountains and the valleys below. We quickly realised that there was a still a short way to get to the summit but it was much steeper than the rest and covered in snow…after walking a few meters up and slipping left, right and centre we decided to turn around and enjoyed the view from the flat area.

The hike down was so, so painful… clearly, my knees still haven’t recovered from climbing Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo a few months ago! Man, my knee issues are never-ending, maybe in a few years I’ll re-read this blog and I hope I’ll be able to hike comfortably again. The views down were really lovely as you faced the valley and several mountains, which we didn’t see on the way up as we were focused on each step. It wasn’t an easy trail but so pleased we managed it!

After the hike, we went to the hot springs. It cost around $6.05+tax/pp to use the pools. There were 4 pools on site at varying temperatures from 10degC to 40degC; it was incredibly relaxing to sit in 40DegC water after the hike – my knees and body relaxed immediately which I hope will help recovery.

We spent around an hour in the hot springs before we made tracks to our final activity; the Maligne Canyon. The site was on our way back to Jasper, so it fit in really well! The Canyons were pretty interesting to see, there’s a trail along the canyon and we only managed to do the short walk; my knees hurt so bad going downhill there was no way I could do another 3km of it! It’s a shame as the end of the trail is meant to be amazing!

After a slow hobble back to the car we headed back to Jasper where we had dinner and relaxed for the evening. We’re driving all day tomorrow to Kootenay National Park, so I think an early night is in order 🙂

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