Rockies Roadtrip: Jasper to Kootenay​ National Park

Today was another long driving day, but this time with the most stunning scenery we’ve ever seen.


The drive should have taken 4hrs30 but we stopped a few times along the way for photos, lunch and sightseeing. In the end, it took closer to 6 hours but is well worth the extended journey time!

There are tons of places to stop along the way, below are just a few photos from our photo stops 🙂 The icefields parkway is just surrounded by mountains, some of them ice-capped and others aren’t. Some are covered in green and orange trees, others show evidence of wildfires. It’s something which is hard to explain but there is so much to look at and it is beautiful!

The last hour or so of our journey was in Kootenay National Park and we had a few sightseeing stops planned:

Continental divide: Where the rivers either go towards the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. We spent just a few minutes here because the wind picked up and it was freezing!


Marble Canyon: The canyon has wonderful clear and blue water flowing through it. There are several bridges crossing the canyon which gave me ample photo opportunities of basically the same thing. The area was hit by a large wildfire several years ago; you can still see the devastation and bare trees but new trees and shrubs are now showing, giving some colour to the area.

Paint Pots: This site was really interesting to see, the ground is a lovely vibrant red colour due to a number of iron deposits in the ground. The walk to the pots aren’t far but is very muddy! The end of the walk has several red “paint pots” and a blue coloured pot as well. Really glad we stopped off to see this, it’s not something you’d usually see!

At the end of our drive, we stopped at our hostel The Misty River Lodge where we are staying for the next three nights. The hostel is just off the main road into Radium and is small but perfect for our stay and A LOT cheaper than our stay in Jasper paying $240 for 3 nights (plus tax), and we finally get to enjoy having a private bathroom, woop!

Anyway, some more Call The Midwife and hot chocolate is in order! Our legs are pretty tired from our hike yesterday and my knees kind of coped with the short walks today but are in need of some more rest.

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  1. lynneandbrent says:

    Looks stunning xx


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