Rockies Roadtrip: Kootenay National Park

We had a quiet day today, Dave’s picked a cold up along the way and today it hit him. We’ve both been waking up with sore throats on and off the past few days, but Dave’s has now flourished into a lovely cold.

As a result, we stayed in. Dave caught up with his brother and I had a brief chat with my sister and niece. It was actually really nice to have a slow morning and catch up with our families!

We made pancakes in the morning, using the pancake mix the hostel leaves for its guests – a nice touch by the owners! The view from the dining table it pretty incredible, mountains staring at you from across the way and a bowl of fruit which the owners have grown themselves.


While Dave got some rest in the afternoon, I used it as an opportunity to apply for another job. It took a while to settle into to; sifting through job ads, whittling it down to the top three and then finally taking the leap to commit to one. Then comes the rewriting of the cover letter and resume… and I’ve very quickly lost a few hours! Anyway, it is now sent and the waiting game begins… again.

I spent a lovely few hours in the hostel’s kitchen/lounge area, discovered that country music was my muse for the job hunting stint. It was really nice to have some music on and get into my own space for a while. As most people know, I’m a TV fan, even use it as background noise for many things, so to be able to sit for a few hours and listen to music was pretty good going!

This evening we went into Radium for dinner; figured our dinners of pasta and tomato sauce weren’t exactly the healthy fuel that we needed, and it got us out and about – even for a little bit! We ended up eating at the Horsethief, a typical pub with hearty meals and good beer.


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