Rockies Roadtrip: Lussier Hot Springs

We had another lazy morning Dave’s cold is getting better but he’s still wiped out! We had pancakes again this morning and I added pears – note to self: tastes A*MAZING, make it again.

In the afternoon, Dave left up for getting out and about so we went to the natural hot springs – Lussier Hot Springs – it’s about an hour away from our hostel but was worth the trip, plus it’s free! We’d read that the 17km logging road wasn’t the best to drive on and to be honest, it really was not that bad. The drive is really beautiful, the fall colours are really beginning to come out in vibrant colours and the mountains in the distance really made for an awesome backdrop.


The hot springs have 4 different pools, one super hot and the rest getting cooler as you go down towards the water. The hot springs were actually quite busy, which surprised us but was quite nice having people buzzing around and constantly switching places to cooler/hotter spots. We left as it began to rain/snow – not entirely sure what it was. The heat really got through to my bones and getting changed in the freezing cold wasn’t as much as a drama as I expected!


Post hot springs, dinner and showering to get rid of the sulphur smell from our skin!

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