Rockies Roadtrip: Field, Yoho National Park

After a great night sleep – compared to last night anyway! – we lazed around in the morning. Field really doesn’t have all that much to do here but it is really scenic – I could just stare at the mountains all day.

We headed off to Emerald Lake for a hike and stopped off at the Natural Bridge as well. I hadn’t read about this place but it’s a very pretty stopping on location. The water is so blue and the river has carved a natural bridge and rapids in that area, it’s pretty great!


Emerald Lake was far less busy today and we went for a walk around the lake, as we’d promised yesterday. The walk is just a lovely walk in nature and has great views of the lake and surrounding mountains. There is hardly any elevation so my knees were saved during this walk – woohoo! Less can be said for my hip which started to ache around halfway through the walk but didn’t hinder my enjoyment of it what so ever.


After the walk, we headed back to the Truffle Pig Bistro where Dave had a beer and I had a warming cup of coffee before going back to the hostel for an evening on blog writing and interview prep (for Dave) by a crackling fire. We may not be being super active at the moment, but how can you regret an evening by a warming fire reliving the past few days? 🙂

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