Rockies Roadtrip: Kootenay National Park to Lake Louise

Alright, so, mountain wifi? Not hugely trustworthy!

We left Kootenay National Park for Lake Louise. We went via the Takakkaw Falls on the last day the road was open, due to avalanche risks in the area.

The Takakkaw Falls are pretty interesting to see, the water is directly from a glacier just before the cliff edge. The water can gush down but since it’s coming up to winter everything is freezing so the water flow wasn’t hugely spectacular, but well worth a visit. Since Dave wasn’t feeling great still and my hips and knees are still pretty sore, it was a great thing to do without using too much energy. The most interesting part is possibly the drive to the falls; there’s a small section (which was definitely bigged up by the owner of the Misty River Lodge!) are super tight turns. To the extent that campervans and buses need to reverse around the corners. Pretty fun!


Our next stop of the day was Lake Louise. For me, it was even prettier than in the guidebooks! It’s blue water with a glacier and mountains as a backdrop, it kinda blew me away. Despite being “off season” the lake was heaving with tourists, although the canoe rental place was raking in an absolute fortune $95 for 30mins, $115 for 1hr and there were at least 10 canoes on the water. We opted for a (free) gentle stroll around the edge of the lake where we saw a beaver and the view was still pretty darn incredible!

Finally, we checked into our hostel – HI Alpine Lake Louise – we were in a dorm, which was fine as we secured the double mattress in an area above the loo, doesn’t sound glamorous and it wasn’t but offered a bit of privacy. The hostel was pretty amazing and incredibly well set-up. There’s a very reasonably priced restaurant, large kitchen and eating area, a lounge area and plenty of outdoor space.


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