Rockies Roadtrip: Lake Louise

Our second day in Lake Louise started with a trip to the visitor’s centre. Lake Moraine is now closed to the public which we weren’t expecting, so we headed down to the visitor’s centre and picked up a bunch of flyers. In the end, we opted to go on a horse ride around Lake Louise. Despite having been there before, it felt like a good option for Dave’s first time on a horse and my first time in 20 years and after getting over my fear of horses!

Before we went on the horse ride, we had lunch at the hostel restaurant – Peyto’s Cafe – which was really tasty. Dave had an Elk burger and I had the veggie options – awesome fuel for the ride later 😉

The went with Timberline Tours which is very close to Lake Louise and houses a lot of horses! The tour leader was really great; helped me keep calm on the horse and taught me how to get mine moving – he was not keen on the trail today! The horse trail to the lake was a really great ride, you’re in the trees and at the end the trees clear so you get a great view of the lake and Fairmont chateau!

We both enjoyed the ride, I really enjoyed it and found it a relief to see an awesome view without knee or hip pain, how awesome is that?! On the way back Dave had a bit of a shock from his horse; the horse saw home and started to run! Luckily Dave was able to stop the horse quickly and the tour leader led the horse until we arrived at the ranch.

After the horse ride, we did the Bow River loop, which was really needed – sore butts all around after the horse ride! It’s a two-hour loop which was easy and made it a really relaxing walk to go on.

Once we got back to the hostel we had a few beers and then dinner at the restaurant before heading to bed.


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  1. lynneandbrent says:

    Pity you don’t have a photo of Dave when his horse started galloping!


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