Rockies Roadtrip: Lake Louise to Field, Yoho National Park

We woke up on our final day in Lake Louise to SNOW!! It had snowed, a lot overnight and the grounds of the hostel looked like a winter wonderland πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I slept so badly due to my hip hurting and aching like crazy… I had a feeling it was gonna be a tough day as we won’t be doing much!

We checked out of the hostel and headed over to Field in Yoho National Park. A teeny, tiny village that doesn’t even have its own shop. We drove to Emerald Lake which was surprisingly heaving with tourists! We decided against walking around the lake until tomorrow; my hip was so sore – damn IT band (I think!) that I would have struggled to walk for two hours straight. How frustrating but I do need to listen to my body.

Despite there being no shop in Field…Luckily… it has the most amazing bistro called the Truffle Pigs Bistro. The menu is varied, which made it so hard to decide what to eat (I went for the veggie burger and Dave had a chicken dish) and served a really nice coffee too. The bistro is decorated in a really quirky way – flying pigs hanging from the ceiling!

We checked into our hostel and were incredibly lazy for the rest of the evening. The hostel – Fireweed – has a cosy common area and kitchen so was pretty hard to leave the warmth for the snowy, cold outdoors πŸ˜› We have a private room here, so we relaxed and watched a few episodes of Call the Midwife before getting some shut-eye. Hoping for a better and more active day tomorrow!


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