Rockies Roadtrip: Banff

Today we left the teeny-tiny village of Field for the much bigger tourist destination of Banff!

Banff has a pretty nice vibe, touristy but calm and not too busy this time of year. We stopped off at the Wild Flour cafe which was recommended by a friend, booked our haircuts and walked around the Whyte Museum. Afterwards, we checked into our hostel, HI hostel Banff – we’d checked out a dorm for private use which was actually very useful as the tumble dryer didn’t actually dry our clothes, so we had to hang them up around the room to dry!

The Whyte Museum was quite interesting – it basically shows the history of the Rockies, explorers, tourism and first nations. It’s a small museum but was nice to wander around for an hour or so!

We visited Lake Minnewanka, which is around 15min outside of town and is a HUGE lake and extremely picturesque!


We had dinner at the hostel restaurant, which wasn’t as good at the Lake Louise restaurant but was nice to have a few beers and enjoy some comfort food in the shape of a shepherds pie πŸ™‚

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