Kelowna, BC

Wine country! Enough said as to why we’d want to come here?

We went for a weekend away with another couple, so we rented out a 4 person AirBnB which I would recommend this place to anyone.

Kelowna has been on our bucket list since arriving in Canada, it has been recommended by so many people. It was a 6hr drive from Canmore (we’d stayed there for a few days and it just rained, so I skipped out on the blog!) and our friends drove from Vancouver, so was about 4hrs for them.

Our hosts left us a mini self-winery tour which we decided to do on the Saturday. Since it’s the end of season, many of the companies offered free wine tasting but some had a more limited menu:

Grizzli Winery: A super nice winery, as the first stop it does set the bar high with some great architecture. We tasted a few wines here and tried ice wine for the first time. A super sweet wine but actually tastes pretty good! Grizzli also makes their own blueberry wine which we’ve never tried before and it was yummy! We bought a bottle for our first Christmas in Canada 🙂

Little Straw: This is your super local winery, cheap, cheerful, has an art gallery and great customer service! We really enjoyed our stop here and out of the ones we saw was definitely the cheapest we found but still offering some really, really nice wines to try!

Volcanic Hills: A really nice and small winery. The customer service here was actually really good and it’s the main thing I remember it for. The lady serving us our tasters was really chatty and knowledgeable about the wine and we ended up buying a bottle for our wine and cheese night.

Quails Gate: You can tell you’re getting more towards Mission hill here! More like the luxury of Grizzli but this one was really busy when we got here. We didn’t try any wine but found their cheese store… and stocked up on cheese for tonight!

Mission Hill: This place reminded me of a monastery, it’s an incredibly grand building and clearly geared towards tourism so the wines were SO expensive! We ended up just wondering around all the tat in the shop and squeezing past other customers. It’s pretty and has an amazing view, but it is extremely commercialised which we didn’t like after the other ones we visited!

After a quick pit stop at a local supermarket and lunch in Kelowna (I can’t find their website, called Monkey Fist or something – they allowed dogs and the food was yummy!) and we got ready for our wine and cheese night… yum!

On Sunday, the day we leave Kelowna 😥 we decided to go for a hike. It was called the Rose Valley Trail. I don’t think we did a formal trial, we just walked down to the river, along it slightly and back up which is honestly a workout in itself as it’s freaking steep!

Then home time! We stayed over in Revelstoke at a digital hotel – fancy – called The Explorers Society. It was a really nice hotel, fairly new and nicely designed. The hotel has a restaurant too which was offered 20% of steak so we ordered the two-person steak meal which was HUGE and like, the best thing ever! We didn’t explore much as we were preparing for our trip back to Calgary. Why are we going back? post on that later 🙂



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