Rockies Roadtrip: Banff

A busy day in Banff for us; the day started with haircuts in Banff – super exciting, I know.

Afterwards, we went to the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum which is full of stuffed animals – it’s a tad creepy but honest amazing a number of species they have gathered. This was clearly before the era of animal protection.

We also went to the Cave and Basin National Historic site; a small area of land which used to be a natural spring. There’s a lot of history to read here, but the main wow factor is the cave itself; which by the way, is incredibly photogenic!

Finally, we decided to spoil ourselves tonight and heading up the gondola at Sulphur mountain. We settled on a deal which included the price of going up the gondola and dinner at the sky bistro restaurant.

The activities at the top of the mountain were pretty tame compared to Grouse Mountain in BC but nonetheless extremely informative. There is a museum with interactive board and props, a film on the area and a walk to the highest point on the mountain which was used to monitor solar flare (I think); it was a cold day, so the walk was pretty icy and windy!

Dinner at the sky Bristo was A*mazing – maybe it is because we’ve been eating cheaply or having peanut butter and jam sandwiches but it was probably one of the best meals I’ve had in a long, long time! Dave had the steak and I had some bison, which was essentially a posh roast dinner 😛 We finished dinner as the sun started to set, we got the gondola down which was stunning to see the sunset over the mountains and then behind them as we got further down the mountain.

A pretty awesome day all around 🙂

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