Rockies Roadtrip: Banff to Calgary

Ahhhh, our final day! How did it get here so fast?!

Today is the final day of the road trip, we are continuing to do some travelling but the focus is less on travelling and more on getting a job. Dave has an interview on Calgary so we will be heading to Calgary today and go to the zoo and then our AirBnB to do some last minute prep!

There’s a small town between Banff and Calgary called Canmore. We stopped for brunch at the Harvest Cafe – we woke up late, oops! – and it has a real quirky, small-town vibe and is settled amongst some mountains which is spectacular!

Arrive into Calgary is far, far, far less stressful than arriving into Vancouver! The roads were basically clear which is pretty impressive for a city with around 1 million people living in it!

We went to Calgary zoo, it costs $70 for the two of us, including parking which we found quite expensive. The zoo is quite large and has a Canadian animal section WITH NO MOOSE, still not seen a moose! and some other areas – Safari and Eurasia section which was pretty limited due to renovations. The most disappointing section was the fossil area, we hoped for there to be some fossils and info about dinosaurs. Instead, we found it to be a toddler and kid’s area with large dinosaur statues…



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