New home, new life!

It’s been a few weeks since we finished our roadtrip from Vancouver, through the Rockies, to Calgary.

Dave got his job at Energy Efficiency Alberta, woop! So we have finally set roots in a city: Calgary. In a weird twist of fate, we know 3 people in Calgary and the surrounding areas – it’s really nice knowing there are people around. Unlike Dave, I don’t have an instant network of people who could potentially become friends.

We’re now settled into our new home, a cute bungalow (although called a house here) with two beds, kitchen, lounge/diner, huge garden and huge basement. We walked in an felt like this was the right move – weirdly we both imagined having Christmas here as we walked through the door!

Shortly after moving in we adopted a dog, Cooper. A stray from LA, who is initially scared of people and dogs, especially on a walk. At home, he just loves to cuddle and is incredibly well behaved πŸ™‚

We’re all settling in really well, Cooper is a great excuse to get me out of the house every day; especially in the monotony of applying for jobs and hearing nada.


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