Hire me :)

[Original post: Emma Thomas LinkedIn]

That’s a bold statement, eek. It would be nice to get hired however, I thought I’d take some time to think about the process I’ve gone through in recent months when applying for jobs in Canada.

I’ve been applying for jobs since August, at the time my search was focused on West Canada (BC, Yukon, Alberta)… which is a very large area to be looking at. I now live in Calgary which focuses the search a lot more, which I am quite happy about.

Since being here, I have really pushed myself to network more (before I’d fire off SO MANY APPLICATIONS (and hear nothing)) having heard overwhelming feedback about how networking is so, so, so key here. I can’t say I have ever really done much networking before, especially where I don’t know anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I have attended a lot of conferences, talks and events but I have always gone with friends or colleagues.

The real kick of inspiration came from a WiRE (Women in Renewable Energy) event I attended in Calgary where the speaker – Kathy Bolton from BluEarth Renewables – spoke about connecting with interesting speakers and profiles and asking to meet to hear their story.

It dawned on me that I really like learning about peoples stories and being new to Calgary it’s a great way to meet new people and to discover new places (which is easy – everything is new!).

I have found the following resources so useful since moving here:

  • Eventbrite – several networking events pop up during the month and careers fairs are promoted too.
  • Ten thousand Coffees – a networking tool to meet interesting people for coffee. Although I have yet to meet someone (scheduled for next week) I have had a really positive response from people who have interesting profiles. People can also offer services such as career advice, networking and recruitment which helps to focus on who to connect with.
  • LinkedIn – Using LinkedIn premium I can email people who work for organisations I’m interested in (plus job insights but it’s not been the most useful tool). I have found knowing if I have any mutual connections with people useful and a good conversation starter. I’ve had a fairly good success rate in connecting with people but I have found it’s slower than Ten thousand Coffees.

From the above, I have heard about other organizations and people to connect to. It does mean I am not sending out as many applications as I would do usually, however, I feel this is an invaluable process. Through a random conversation at a networking event I heard about The United Way and now have a volunteering opportunity with Energy for All to keep me busy a few hours a week!

Do you have any advice for networking? 

Please feel free to connect and share (and I am always up for a coffee!)

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