New member of the family

Meet Cooper, a 2-year-old Dachshund/spaniel mix known as a Docker from LA.


He’s a happy chap, soft as anything and loves a cuddle. Apparently, this is a Daushund trait, they love to snuggle and be warm under blankets – I think he may be my real life spirit animal 🙂

We adopted him from Misty Creek, around about a month ago. We initially were looking at another dog but that one got adopted and after meeting Misty Creek at an “adoptathon” we heard about Cooper (then Copper). We arrange for Misty Creek to view our home and then we met Cooper.

He was at a foster home with another dog, he took to us right away which is honestly incredible as he is pretty scared of new people and other dogs.

He settled into our home very quickly, hours after getting him home he was lying on his back on the sofa, relaxing. We quickly enrolled in dog behavioural training with Chasin’ Tails as he would pull a lot on the lead and bark like crazy at other dogs. This wasn’t good as he’d get into such a state. Considering he is usually extremely quiet at home, loves a cuddle and happily relaxes it is a complete change of character.

Anyway, the training has been revolutionary. On the odd occasion, I can walk him around the block. He gets very distracted and if a person appears from nowhere he will bark a try to go towards them. However, through the techniques, we’ve learnt he is getting better at ignoring most people and dogs and sitting patiently as they pass.

We’ve had a few friends over, with mixed results with Cooper. We still don’t know a huge amount of people here so he doesn’t get a chance to meet people very often, which I don’t think helps. He now knows his crate is his safe space and will go into it when he feels uncomfortable when someone is around. He has on occasion allowed a stroke or sniffed a shoe but will often bark. He is getting better though 🙂

It has been great having Cooper around. He’s so loving and eager to please. We’ve enjoyed training him and teaching him to walk on a lead and trust people again. It’s sad to think that someone in LA just left him on the streets and didn’t care to find him. However, we are glad that we are able to offer him a home where he feels comfortable.

So, welcome to your new home, Cooper 🙂

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