An hour to myself, for myself

It’s been a long few months of job hunting. I currently have a company looking at references but with the time difference and time of year, they’re struggling to get my reference from the UK.

It’s amazing that I’ve had two interviews and am at this stage but it’s exhausting. Constantly waiting, wondering and thinking about what could go wrong or right.. but not getting to carried away.

I’m always thinking about who I can meet for a coffee next, what jobs to apply for, whether should I do a course, should I just get any part time job? Should I still keep my career going or settle for an easier job? It’s endless and tiring, and there is no right answer just a question of when I NEED to make a decision.

I’ve been trying to make sure once a week I get out of the house and just stop. Today is one of those days.

I’m currently sat in a cafe, by myself, reading a book, drinking coffee and eating a yummy sandwich. This time seems to give me space to think and take back some control by planning my next steps without getting distracted by that thing I HAVE to do (but really don’t).

I honestly cannot wait to start working again. I miss using my brain and having people to talk to throughout the day (although I’m sure Cooper understands, right?).

Anyway, here’s to a sunny Friday afternoon in Calgary, for myself 🙂

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