Cross-country Skiing at Bragg Creek

In January 2018, we went to Bragg Creek with some friends to go cross-country skiing, it’s about an hour away from Calgary. By this time, I’d had a grand total of 3 downhill skiing lessons and they kind of helped… Nothing really prepared me for the skinny-ness of the skis, the sweatiness, how often I’d roll over my ankles and how frequently I’d fall, however, it did help with coordination of poles and skis.

Bragg Creek was a pretty nice place to go to, remaining christmassy with all the snow still on the ground. I can’t say I spent too much time looking at the surroundings between falling over – which sometimes made me wish I was snowshoeing!

We skied along the moose loop trail and took around 1.5hrs/2hrs. The trail had a number of hills and corners making it fairly tricky to navigate as a beginner but I could definitely see the enjoyment for those who had found their ski-legs 🙂

Bragg Creek has a decent sized car park and a 5-minute drive away the closest town offers rentals (we went to Moose Mountain General Store and hired skis for around $35) and some food places. A welcomed rest after skiing and a guiltfree meal of poutine and beer 🙂

Below is a video of the loop!

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