Castle Mountain, Alberta

It’s our first Easter in Calgary (last year we were in Weymouth Falls, Nova Scotia looking after puppies) and winter was still hanging around – we have been told this is unusual… Luckily, we had a weekend away planned; skiing at Castle Mountain. A ski resort based around 2-3 hours South-West from Calgary within the Rockies mountain range.

It was my first time skiing without an instructor so I was pretty nervous about hitting the slopes instructor-less. The bunny hill at Castle mountain did a great job of helping me get my ski-legs in and after a few hours of skiing in the morning I felt ready to head to some longer slopes. The ski-lift to the longer runs was long and slow, to the point I got pins and needles! BUT the slope had 2 beginners (green) runs and 3 intermediate (blue) runs, given how long it took to go up, I was pretty hopeful I’d have plenty of time to practice my skills… and this was the case. I found the terrain testing as they offered different gradient slopes, wonky terrain and a couple of merging sections. I accidentally found myself on a blue slope, which I started to go down but froze so side slipped my way down…and then continued back to our lodge to the hot tub! It’s pretty nice to have that option 😉

We went with a group of people that we didn’t really know but were kind enough to invite us. They found a ski-in, ski-out lodge for a reasonable price ($160 per person for 12 people, for two nights). The lodge was big enough for everyone and included two hot-tubs, one with epic mountain views!

I have to say, I was really impressed with Castle Mountain, I did get stuck and freeze on an intermediate run, but I made it down which is a vast improvement from where I was before Christmas. The beginner runs, although I’m still very tense to start with, I did end up enjoying most of the runs and relaxing into the rhythm of skiing. I am super proud of myself  – I’m already looking forward to next winter… I’m checking the Nakiska (our closest ski hill and I would totally recommend the lessons here!) every week or so waiting for the season passes to come out!

Conquering skiing over Easter weekend seems to have sparked some determination to get better at skiing and has picked me up from a rather dark and gloomy mental health month. I truly enjoyed this weekend for many reasons, but most of all I feel happier and healthier after a weekend of blue skies, sun, skiing and good company.



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