Abraham Lake in the Spring


On the 21st April we went on a trip with Cooper and two other friends to Abraham Lake. The whole point was to see the “bubbles” .. bubbles of methane tripped under the ice. Given that we had recently experienced snow, we thought seeing the bubbles would be a safe bet, but no…. there were no bubbles. BUT there were AMAZING views πŸ™‚

Even though we didn’t see the bubbles we saw some fantastic scenery. On our way to Abraham lake we stopped via Canmore, Johnstons Canyon and Lake Louise, plus a trip to the emergency vets (Cooper is OK!).

We did the trip over a weekend with Canmore and Johnston Canyon on the Saturday and Abraham lake on the Sunday. We stayed at the pet friendly Nordegg Lodge Hotel, a simple hotel with a great breakfast menu πŸ™‚

We followed this guide for our trip and would definitely recommend it for off-bubble season too. There are various points to stop along the lake offering a flightly different view of the lake and mountains. Some of the ice was still there, which looked like very strange ice (kind of like lots of spikes of soft ice). We went to Crescent falls which is probably the furthest point from the Rockies, and was still frozen in places so looked pretty spectacular!

Johnston Canyon was a great hike too, it was still very icy in late April but some of the ice and snow had started to melt. The falls were impressive and the hike was pleasant with many families and their dogs taking the hike that day.

Here’s a video from the weekend πŸ™‚

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